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They tend not to follow linear structures, far less to buttonhole viewers in the style of a PowerPoint presentation or a bullet-pointed memo; rather, in the spirit of Montaigne or even Hazlitt , they are often digressive, associative, self-reflexive. Incompletion, loose ends, directorial inadequacy: these are acknowledged rather than brushed over.

Aldous Huxley once claimed an essay was "a literary device for saying almost everything about almost anything".

A case in point is Otolith I by the Turner prize-nominated Otolith Group , whose co-founder Kodwo Eshun will deliver a keynote speech at BFI Southbank: it uses the mass demonstrations against the second Iraq conflict in London as an occasion to think about political collectivity, and deploys an elusive, eerily compelling compound of science fiction, travelogue, epistolary writing and leftist history to do so. This roaming or tentacular approach to structure can be seen as a kind of territorial raid. Or perhaps essay film-makers are aesthetic refugees fleeing the austerities and repressions of dominant forms of cinema.

Essay films sometimes exhibit a quality of vagrancy and drift, as if they are not wholly sure of what they want to say or of the language they need to say it, which may stem from their desire to let subject matter determine — or strongly influence — filmic form. In terms of movies, I believe that animation is better than regular filmmaking, simply because an animated movie requires a lot more talent and skill than a standard film does.

There are different styles used in regular movie production, and there are combinations of styles used in filmmaking. Most regular films use computers to digitally enhance parts, but mostly on a smaller scale, unlike the few major films that use computer graphics excessively. I enjoy watching animation, because it gives me a feel of what technologies exist today even hand-drawn cel animation uses computers to digitally enhance coloration and lighting.

I enjoy watching traditional live-action movies, because they relate the skill of filmmakers and directors, who can't really use digital technology except to enhance lighting and such.

Long and Short Essay on Impact of Cinema in Our Life in English

And I enjoy watching combinations, especially regular movies with fantastic special effects, because of my personal interest in computer graphics. Anatomy of the Action Picture. Film and the Historical Return. Studying Cinema. On the History of Film Style. Second edition, Chicago: University of Chicago Press, Christopher Nolan: A Labyrinth of Linkages. First edition, Planet Hong Kong. Berkeley: University of California Press, Film Art: An Introduction. Textbook written with Kristin Thompson and Jeff Smith. Film History: An Introduction. Textbook written with Kristin Thompson first-named author.

The most exciting narrative experiments are going on in TV, not film. The most exciting developments in visuals are in TV. Like everybody, we watch some TV. Truth be told, we have caught up with some programs on DVD. We watched the British and the US versions of The Office and enjoyed both though the American version, no surprise, makes the characters more lovable.

The answer is simple. I was a TV kid before I was a film wonk.

Compare and Contrast Watching a Movie at Home vs. Going to the Theatre

And I can assure you that watching TV leads to painful places—frustration, anger, sorrow. I see the difference between films and TV shows this way. A movie demands little of you, a TV series demands a lot. Film asks only for casual interest, TV demands commitment. To follow a show week after week, even on a DVR, is to invest a large part of your life. Going to a movie demands three or four hours travel time included.

Сomparison between watching movies at home or at the cinema Essay Example

If a TV show hooks you, prepare for many long-term ups and downs—weak episodes, strong ones, mediocre ones. Favorite actors leave or die, and replacements are seldom as good as the originals. A new character may be charming or annoying. An intriguing hero may accumulate distracting sidekicks. Plots take weird turns, sometimes dillydallying for months. All this can drag on for years. Of course TV-philes enjoy this slow samba. They point out, rightly, that living through the years along with the characters, watching them change in something like real time, brings them closer to us.

As early as , the sagacious media critic Gilbert Seldes pointed out that intellectuals who thought that TV was plot-dependent were wrong. It is natural that the actual plot of a single self-contained episode should be comparatively unimportant. The very limitations of the style leads its creators to develop characters of considerable depth, to create dramatic conflict out of the interaction of people rather than out of an artificial juxtaposition of events.

As television is a prime medium for transmitting character, this is all to the good Writing for Television , pp. We get to know TV characters with an informal intimacy that is quite different from the way we relate to the somewhat outsize personalities that fill the movie screen. Having been lured by intriguing people more or less like us, you keep watching. There are two possible outcomes.

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The series keeps up its quality and maintains your loyalty and offers you years of enjoyment. Then it is canceled. This is outrageous. You have lost some friends.

Television Vs Movies Essay

Alternatively, the series declines in quality, and this makes you unhappy. You may drift away. Either way, your devotion has been spit upon. You might die before the series ends. How comforting is that? TV is like a long relationship that ends abruptly or wistfully. One way or another, TV will break your heart. Living on a farm, I could get to movies only rarely. But my parents bought a TV quite early. At a crucial phase of my life, they presented models of what the adult world might be.

For one thing, adults had an easy eloquence. Bret Maverick had a smooth line of patter, and even racketeers on Naked City could find the words. At the other extreme were the soliloquys in Route

film vs television essay Film vs television essay
film vs television essay Film vs television essay
film vs television essay Film vs television essay
film vs television essay Film vs television essay
film vs television essay Film vs television essay
film vs television essay Film vs television essay
film vs television essay Film vs television essay
film vs television essay Film vs television essay
film vs television essay Film vs television essay

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