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Only got cleanings maybe once in my childhood. Unless, of course, you contientiously care for your teeth and they go bad anyway , which happens. Or you hit something and break a tooth, which happened to me.

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I was in college when it happened, so I was covered by my school insurance, but if had happened over the summer I would have been in trouble. The point is when something goes wrong , for whatever reason, being poor means your options are limited, and what options you have are often likely to cause you pain. Your taking classes in college can disrupted by a kid or parent getting ill. Your saving for a house of your own gets undermined by some jerk ramming into your car at a red light. Got a plumbing leak?

There goes the school clothes money. Being poor is not having any margin for error. The problem is that life only rarely lets people get through it without error. Being poor is having to commute two hours each way by public transit to a job that is 4 hours a day and pays minimum wage. Being poor means working double shifts at the nursing home while attending full-time high school and living in an abandoned burned-out home with no water, electicity, or doors — at Should I mention that for a long time I made more than every other member of my immediate family, combined?

In some of these ways, you have a car especially if you live in California. In some of them, you might even have a home. We did, for a while, when I was young. We did eventually lose the house, though. That should make you happy.

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As for the landlord not being on the list at all: As you can tell by the number of people chiming in, the original list is by no means exhaustive. Or some crap like that.

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Being poor is an inheritance. Being poor means that even after you get unpoor and clean up your messes, you still get denied things like a checking account because the system can keep your error on their record for years, even though you did clean up your mess as quickly as you could. I wondered how long it would take the assholes to show up. What kind of a world do you live in? What if all poor people are not perfectly behaved every single second of ever single day then they are all bad, bad people?

Being poor means understanding that Internet flamewars are a tragic waste of time better used bettering yourself. Especially not mentioning the landlord. By all means, then, add a few lines to the collection. Ignore the obnoxious; respond to the people who are saying good if confrontational things. Many of these really hit home. It so often could have been so much worse. There but for the grace of God go I…. I mean, so what? Things that never need be considered by people who are more well off become insurmountable obstacles for people who are poor.

I was quite poor in my twenties. I managed to get through college, the state university when it was still heavily subsidized. And ride that bike 12 months a year in Minnesota. I still use tea-bags twice. I consider myself well-off because I have a lot of books and I never skip a meal. I know exactly how much things cost, and shop at two supermarkets because one has cheaper prices on produce and meat, and the other has cheaper canned goods.

Mike Cane wrote: Being poor means your money is eaten away by fees: for money orders, for cashing a paycheck. Yes, this is so true. Being rich means never waiting in line, because the bank manager greets you when you come in and takes you to a customer service representative who handles your transactions.

Being poor is green tennis shoes worn with skirts for your school shoes, in a town where even the year-olds know a designer label. Being poor is having a lower Social Security number than your classmates in high school, because you had to get one young to get welfare.

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Being poor is tuna mac. Being poor is timed-out chicken from the truck-stop that your husband brings home.

Being poor is 3 jobs, two toddlers and one car. Being poor is the laundry done in the bathtub and hung to dry on the porch. Being poor is finding prostitution a valid way to pay the electrical bill, and then lying to your spouse about where the money came from. Being poor is the 39c.

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Being less poor is living close enough to work and the store and the library to walk and NOT have to buy gas. Being less poor is 10c for a packet of seeds that produces zucchini in your yard all summer. Being less poor is figuring out which creditor you lied to last month and have to pay this month. Being less poor is keeping an exact record of every penny spent, so you know exactly where you can pare back next month.

As an aside, one of the things I do in my spare time is volunteer to represent San Francisco residents who are being evicted. At their income level, in San Francisco, this means homelessness. I tell you this not to display my saintliness, but to put into perspective a conversation I have not infrequently with other members of my profession:.

If we lose, Mrs. Smith and her nephew have nowhere to go. What if I screw up and it costs them their apartment? Well, it could be worse. I mean, what if it were a big commercial-litigation case, and you screwed THAT up, and lost twenty million dollars for the client? At least the pro bono cases are over, what, five hundred dollars or something? Look at everyone adding things into this list. I have two friends with whom I ever discuss the poverty of my childhood, both now well-paid and settled.

The other reads stories to every child she is near, always, because her mom worked too hard to have time to do so for her. Reminds me of miscarriages, which many people have had, and still suffer the memories of, in silence. Being poor is people who have never been poor wondering why you choose…. Note: I have no connection other than as a reader. Actually, being poor meant being painfully aware of library due dates for us. Being poor is feeling lucky to have the glasses at all.

Being poor is having a store employee chase you down the block with the toy and realizing he stole it because he felt bad for you. Thank you so much…this whole forum and post has truly opened my eyes and broke my heart. My parents grew up in poverty, my dad in las vegas, and my mom in zambia africa. This post has truly shed light into what they went thru as children and alot of the things here have come out in there stories to me. I am truly grateful for the opportunity i have being in high school and not having to worry about being poor.


It was easy to do so — the only folks I saw talking on the TV screen were stupidly vowing to ride it out — because they wanted to, not because they had no choice. Being poor is never looking down on a man begging for change, mainly because you have seriously considered doing it. I think everyone should listen to it at least once to understand. But this post is also one that everyone should read. Some based on my own experiences:. Being poor is scraping enough money to go home to your family for Christmas and not having any gifts for them.

essay on being poor in college Essay on being poor in college
essay on being poor in college Essay on being poor in college
essay on being poor in college Essay on being poor in college
essay on being poor in college Essay on being poor in college
essay on being poor in college Essay on being poor in college

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