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Lupercalia , expands these lupine affairs a bit further. On this occasion, the picture concerns the celebration of the Roman pastoral festivals held in February every year honoring the god of shepherds, Lupercus. Nonetheless, the painting gives us access to another aspect of the Roman myth and the history of the celebration of this festivity.

The women and children of the city came specially to be lashed on their hands as it was considered to be an omen of purification, fertility and good luck. But the image is disturbing and complex as one can look at the whole scene as being part of the dream- landscape of the out-of-place sleeping figure which contributes to the postmodern aspect of the picture. This oil painting, in which a hybrid girl-tree is portrayed eyelids made of petals, hair made of branches and crowned by nest, eggs and bird suggests that we are all one living organism, one singular expression of interconnections.

Roman Painting

In Bloom is dedicated to Marosa di Giorgio, an Arcimboldesque Uruguayan poet in her own right, who produced many writings on metamorphosis from women into plants. Not surprisingly, a peeping wolf, in camouflage, makes its appearance one more time on the right hand side of the picture. As time progressed, the style of wall paintings became even less architecturally realistic and more of a mixture of styles.

The fourth style, Intricate, dates from around 20 A. This style incorporates all the elements of the earlier styles. Roman houses often made use of a mixture of the different styles of wall paintings.

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  8. Besides opening and lightening the walls, these types of frescoes served other important functions. For a contemporary visitor, the decoration allowed a social orientation of two types. First, it acted as a guide around the house.

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    The distinguished guests would follow the fancy, colorful decoration, while the slaves and servants would stay towards the dark corridors. Second, the frescoes acted as a type of social orientation within the community. Both the number of frescoes and their quality indicated the level of resources and also the social aspirations of the household. The art of frescoes, as practiced over 2, years ago, proves to be both stylistically interesting and practically significant. Roman wall paintings developed into distinct styles over the years, recognizable by viewers today.

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    Houses and Society in Pompeii and Herculaneum. Sergius, Tanaquil. All rights reserved. Neoclassical movement adopted the classical ideas of moderation and order. There were no much emotion in these pictures and all artistic works were organized very logically. In France, the principles of the classical paintings were used and interconnected with the political concerns associated with the Revolution. The neoclassical themes were often based on the classical stories and heroic male virtues. The themes of pictures which depicted men and women were strikingly divided.

    Women were mainly presented in the pictures that depicted domestic life or private sphere.

    In contrast, male figures were used in heroic pictures or performing certain public roles. This sharp division between male and female was reflected in the neoclassical painting style as well.

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    Not only the subjects of the pictures were different for men and women, but the techniques and colors as well. The figures of male were massive and reminded the figures of antique sculptures. The figures of women were marked with more curvilinear forms. This tendency has a historical explanation. The political situation that was often reflected in the works of art, burdened the male body with political and social meaning. Men should be a fighter and woman — a keeper of piece. This tendency of division is best recognized in his works of the Brussels period when he addressed to the antique myths and those of the prerevolutionary period, the period of Academia.

    His new style was characterized by strict lines, symmetry and strong gestures of figures depicted on them. This style is perfectly seen in the picture The Death of Socrates.

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    Jacques-Louis David. The Death of Socrates. Each detail reflects its masculine nature: the light, colors, settings and many other artistic elements. The outdoor setting and emotional subject are more frequent in such pictures. According to the traditions of neoclassicism, the action of the picture The Death of Socrates takes place indoors.

    Ancient Roman Art and Architecture | Scholastic ART |

    The distribution of light and dark is very strict. The colors are dark and the position of Socrates is tense. This picture had a great political context on the eve of Revolution. The left side is dark and calm, there are no emotions. And only the left side which depicts a woman with her children show the emotions that are possible in the female world.

    The colors are also bright.

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