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Human dander-free house dust mite extracts. In: A. Horak, B. Preliminary study on the concentration and species composition of bacteria, fungi and mites in samples of house dust from Silesia Poland. Hughes, A. Mites of Stored Food and Houses. HMSO, London, pp. Hurtado, I. House dust mites in Caracas, Venezuela. Keil, H. Hamburg, 7: — Klein, B.

Kawasaki syndrome: a controlled study of an outbreak in Wisconsin. Korsgaard, J. Preventive Measures in House-Dust Allergy. Le Merdy, L. Cross-reacting antigens and allergens of mites from house dust.

Mantle, J. Asthma amongst Tristan da Cunha Islanders. Allergy, 4: — Maunsell, K. Mites and house-dust allergy in bronchial asthma. Lancet, ii: — Miyamoto, T. Allergenic identity between the common floor mite Dermatophagoides farinae Hughes, and house dust as a causative agent in bronchial asthma. Allergy, 14— Moreira, N. Mumcuouglu, Y. House dust mites in Switzerland I. Distribution and taxonomy. House dust mites in Switzerland II. Culture and control.

House dust mites in Switzerland III.

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Allergenic properties of the mites. Acta Allergol. Immunologische untersuchungen von hausstaub und hausstaubmilben. Schultz-Dale test. Allergie und Immunol. Nannelli, R. Osservazioni preliminari sulla biologia di Euroglyphus E.

Acarina: Pyroglyphidae e sua distribuzione in Italia. Redia, 3— Noferi, A. Survey on concentration and type of house dust mites HDM in dusts of specifically sensitised people in Naples. Preliminary data. Oshima, S. Studies on the genus Dermatophagoides Psoroptidae: Acarina as floor-mites with special reference to medical importance, Jpn.

Studies on the mite fauna of the house-dust of Japan and Taiwan with special reference to house-dust allergy. Penaud, A. Parasitol Paris , — Pinhao, R.

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House dust mites in Lisbon — a short notice. Platts-Mills, T. Cross-reacting and species-specific determinants on a major allergen from Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus and D. Portus, M. Ranganath, H. House dust mites from Bangalore, India — A quantitative analysis.

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Rao, V. A comparison of mite populations in mattress dust from hospital and from private houses in Cardiff, Wales. Allergy, 5: — Rosa, A. Mites in house dust from Brazil. Rousset, G. Thesis, Faculty of Medicine, University of Montpellier, pp. Samsinak, K. Mites from the city pavement. Findings of Sarcoptes scabiei Linnaeus, in the beds of patients with scabies Sarcoptiformes: Sarcoptidae. Sepasgosarian, H.

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Sesay, H. Studies on the mite fauna of house dust in Scotland with special reference to that of bedding. Smith, T. Natural exposure and serum antibodies to house dust mite of mite-allergic children with asthma in Atlanta. Solomon, M.

Population Dynamics. Edward Arnold, London, 60 pp. Spieksma, F. The house dust mite Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus Trouessart, producer of the house-dust allergen Acari: Psoroptidae. Doctoral Thesis, State University of Leiden, 65 pp. The mite fauna of house dust with particular reference to the house dust mite Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus Trouessart, Psoroptidae: Sarcoptiformes. Stenius, B. House dust mites and respiratory allergy: A qualitative survey of species occurring in Finnish house dust.

Takaoka, M. Ecological studies on mites in Saitama Prefecture Japan. Seasonal occurrence of the pyroglyphid mites in house dusts in to Mite fauna in house dusts collected from the residence of asthmatic children. Taylor, R. Contribution to the biology and ecology of house dust mites. Doctoral Thesis, University of Glasgow, 98 pp. Todorov, D.

dust mites thesis statements Dust mites thesis statements
dust mites thesis statements Dust mites thesis statements
dust mites thesis statements Dust mites thesis statements
dust mites thesis statements Dust mites thesis statements
dust mites thesis statements Dust mites thesis statements

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