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As always the SAT attempts to test your grasp of a college-level vocabulary. For most of us that might sound like a good deal, but it really is not. After waiting about 6 weeks for the QAS report and test booklet to come, I was surprised to learn that I had gotten 2 questions wrong in Critical Reading and I was stunned to learn that I had left 1 question blank. Of course this meant that I immediately flipped to the questions I was supposed to have gotten wrong. The other question was this one:. Given that I knew and still know the meaning of all the words in the choices, I immediately knew there had to be some mistake.

SAT Essay, Part 3: Three Tips for a Strong Thesis

While there is some possibility I would get a question wrong, to select a choice that has no relevance and is not even a good trap seems extremely unlikely. I was flabbergasted, incredulous, and flummoxed! But rather than go crazy, I decided to check out my options for having my test checked. To order rescoring you must download a form, print it out, and mail a check yes mail, snail mail, a check — yes a paper check.

Even the title s of the report is misleading and confusing. Woo-hoo — they increased my CR score by 10 points!


But after the elation wore off I realized that they were planning on giving me no additional information to help me understand how and why the mistake had been made. I had no way of knowing if they changed 1 answer or 2 or 3. Most high school seniors would spend less time and make better use of their money to just retake the test and do better. If you think you messed up and bubbled incorrectly just sign up and take the test again. This essay was written by me and was mostly done to test a theory and have some fun.. I wrote this essay to test what happens if you got a few ok every fact facts wrong during the essay.

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Here is the essay scoring guide followed by the essay itself, click on any image to enlarge it:. So what do you think? Were they some crazy year-old professors of Shakespearean literature creating these passages? Or perhaps they hired some psychologist — one who specializes in torturing teenagers — to design these new unique ways to get under your skin. In truth, the passages are works of literature that have been written and published, typically, in the last century.

College Board does us the favor of choosing all passages from previously written modern works. Depending on how much you read you may even come across a passage you know.

On October 1st, the SAT used several passages that we were able to find on the internet. If you are taking the SAT in the coming months, you can start preparing for the test by reading works that are written on a similar level to these and by learning how to understand them. It is a sweet memory, this tearful reunion, but I also recall a sense of some small disappointment: It would have been nice to have been lost just a little while longer.

Geronimo Rex By Barry Hannah. Two weeks went by before they threw in Bobby Dove to live with me. He took almost a week to truck in all the books and machinery that went along with him. His correct name was Robert Dove Fleece. Everybody else has. Easy stuff!

Just one thing: I am a meatball at heart, a red meatball. Nuclear Now! On a cool spring morning a quarter century ago, a place in Pennsylvania called Three Mile Island exploded into the headlines and stopped the US nuclear power industry in its tracks.

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What had been billed as the clean, cheap, limitless energy source for a shining future was suddenly too hot to handle. So here it is — what the beautiful people at the College Board like to use as source material for the SAT. Unlike the first two excerpts that were only mildly edited when they appeared on the SAT, as far as we can recall the Ella passage was significantly shortened and altered quite a bit.

Hopefully this gives you an understanding of what you should be reading to get yourself ready for the SAT. Here are a couple online resources that may help you get ready for the SAT and college:. Let us know if there are any other resources that you love and want to share! And of course, when you are ready for SAT preparation come check us out either in a course or at a free sample class!

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  • So the first SAT of the — academic year has come and gone and as usual it was full of words ranging from the commonplace longevity to the esoteric recondite. We sent in our teachers to check it out and here are some of the words we remember. So get out your flashcards and hang on to your hats because here we go:. Take this list of words and get started studying today!

    Search the Blog. We periodically send our teachers into the actual test to make sure we have the most current info on the test, the proctoring, and the experience so we can share that with those we're helping to prepare for it. While all of our teachers have taken the SAT in high school and have done many practice tests either at home or proctored in our office, the experience of going to a testing center always reminds us of what students actually go through.

    Despite almost two years of teaching the test, as I was stuffing a graphing calculator and a few blunt pencils into my purse at the ungodly hour of 7am this Saturday, I found myself unsure what to expect. I registered to take the test at Washington Irving High School, because I grew up near it but had never been inside.

    Once I got there, I found myself, yet again, surrounded by kids who were way more nervous than I was. They just sat in their seats, facing forward and sweating profusely, until the moment came to bubble our names in. Security was tougher than I remembered, even at Washington Irving, which a student had told me was the most relaxed testing center.

    A kid next to me had a simple, dollar-store-type calculator on his desk with the cover on top, and he was asked to put it under his chair during a reading section, which I thought was a little unnecessary. The main conclusion I took away from the test was that this testing is harder on the kids than we like to admit. Write down your scores. You should go back to bed at that point. Wake up early a week or two later and take your full length downloaded SAT. Now you know how you did on each test and all that remains to do is compare them. When you compare the scores, look at them in terms of the test you know best.

    Decision made! Prep for and take the ACT. Other factors to think about. You should just take the test you like better and feel more comfortable with.


    If you have no access to prep. Some areas still only have prep for one of the two tests available or available in your budget. If you have to take a particular test anyway, then just prep for and take that test. Some school districts give one of the tests to all high school juniors and seniors free of charge and during the school day.

    SAT Prep: Is the New SAT Essay Optional? - Kaplan SAT & ACT Prep

    Some of those schools waive the subject tests requirements if you take the ACT.

    october 2012 sat essay prompt October 2012 sat essay prompt
    october 2012 sat essay prompt October 2012 sat essay prompt
    october 2012 sat essay prompt October 2012 sat essay prompt
    october 2012 sat essay prompt October 2012 sat essay prompt
    october 2012 sat essay prompt October 2012 sat essay prompt

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