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Can you add a table of contents to my document? Security and Confidentiality Will my document be secure? Will you regard my document as confidential? Will you steal any of my work?

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Do you make any claim to copyright? Other Services For: Businesses What business services do you offer? What are your rates? Can these services help boost my revenue? Why should my business work with ProofreadingServices. How can ProofreadingServices. Academics What services do you offer for academics? Can you write or rewrite my paper for me? My academic work is not in English. Do you offer translation? Are your academic services confidential and secure? Can you help me check for plagiarism? Authors What services do you offer for authors? Do you work only with finished manuscripts?

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How do I know which type of editing I need? Do you work with independent authors? My manuscript is not in English. Can I still work with you? Where do I start when it comes to marketing my book? Will I still own my copyright? Do I need editing if I want to get published traditionally? My book is finished, but can you help with design? Can you help me create a cover for my book? How do I find my printing company's formatting and cover template specifications?

Will you format my book for Amazon and other online sellers? I want to sell my book in other countries. Can you help me find a literary agent? What can you do to help me find a publisher? I want to sell print copies of my book. Can you recommend a printing company? My book is finished, but I need help marketing it. What can you do for me? Can you cut me a deal if I order multiple services?

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Why is resume writing important? Can you help me enter the job market as a recent graduate? How many job applications do the resume writing and rewriting services cover?

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Do you offer revisions? Can you help me clean up my online presence? Do you write cover letters?

Proofreading Services Rates - All You Should Know

Do you write and rewrite CVs? What's the difference between a resume and a CV? Do I need a resume or a CV? How are American and European resumes different? Do I need a European or American resume? Do you write LinkedIn profiles? About ProofreadingServices. What is your phone number? When is customer support available? How can I contact you?

How can I become a proofreader or editor for ProofreadingServices. Our editors are arguably the best in the industry. They have years of experience as English professors and teachers, newspaper and magazine copy editors, and other relevant professions. More information is available on our leadership page. We proofread and edit for businesses , academics , authors , people applying to jobs , and more.

For a partial client list, please click here. Please see our Reviews page. We do.

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To request a free sample, please click here. No, our services are the result of years of professional training as proofreaders and editors. Unlike other companies, we never use proofreading or editing software.

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This is an easy one. Try to find an error on this page. We will give you a minute Over 5, clients have entrusted their important documents to us. Here's what some of them have had to say about our services. We also encourage you to request a free sample and to contact us with any questions. We are more than happy to provide a certificate of proofreading for your project. After we deliver your file, just reply to the delivery message and ask for one. Our rates are available here. Through our website, you can pay securely using a debit card, credit card including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and many other types , or PayPal.

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We can invoice in select situations; simply contact us. You can receive more coupon codes by signing up for our mailing list. You can get a website proofreading quote here. If you would like us to find the word count of your PDF, simply upload your document here , and we will find the word count. Once we have that, our standard proofreading and editing rates will apply. We price LaTeX documents by the word but can ignore formulas.

Or they copy the text and code into Word and just have us ignore the code. Then they paste our finished work back into their program. Try a different card you have. We accept credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal. Discerning how much does it cost to have someone edit your paper also depends on whether you require content editing which can be time intensive or just straightforward copy editing.

proofreading service rates Proofreading service rates
proofreading service rates Proofreading service rates
proofreading service rates Proofreading service rates
proofreading service rates Proofreading service rates
proofreading service rates Proofreading service rates

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