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A Deeper Perspective Of Sociocultural Theory

Piaget was a theorist who focussed on cognitive development and proposed a theory about how children 's cognition develops in stages. Vygotsky was also a theorist who researched the cultural context in children 's lives and also developed a sociocultural theory which focusses on how culture, values, beliefs, customs, and skills of a social group is transmitted to the next generation.

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Show More. Piaget believed that the reason that intellectual advancement occurs is because humans at every age seek cognitive equilibrium which is a state of mental balance. He also believed that the easiest way to achieve this balance is to interpret new experiences through the lens of preexisting ideas. Berger, p.

According to Piaget, however, when these new ideas disturb our thinking that is the opportunity to expand your mind with a broader and more complex understanding, which is when intellectual growth can occur. The idea is that we should do our best to accommodate new ideas, thoughts and experiences to expand our cognition.

This is the idea of accommodation, which is when old ideas are restructured to accommodate these new ideas. When we would rather reinterpret ideas to make them fit into the way we already think, it is called assimilation.

Vygotsky’s Sociocultural Theory and Hong Kong Paper

Piaget encouraged accommodation, in hopes that humans could change their thinking and experience cognitive growth. I can agree with this concept from my own personal experience growing up. Essay Sociocultural Theories On Cognitive Development facilitating learning and cognitive development through their body language, speech and interactions with the child textbook, p Read More. Vygotsky states: "Every function in the child's cultural development appears twice: first, on the social level, and later, on the individual level; first, between people interpsychological and then inside the child intrapsychological.

This applies equally to voluntary attention, to logical memory, and to the formation of concepts.

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All the higher functions originate as actual relationships between individuals. Vygotsky, unlike Piaget believed that cognitive development is not limited just to children, which is where it begins but continues at all age ranges and that social interaction is required for full cognitive development Powerful Essays words 3.

Gerhard Lenski's Ecological-Evolutionary Theory

He grew up in a well educated family, where his father was a banker. Throughout his early childhood, Vygotsky was tutored at home by a paid teacher.

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Vygotsky was always an exceptional student who enjoyed spending his free time writing. Word study is founded on robust evidence-based research on the developmental stages of reading and spelling; however, word study and specifically word sorts have a diminuative amount of scientific evidence as to it success in reading instruction Boscardin et al, ND The Sociocultural Theory Essay.

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Essay Preview. Read Full Essay Click the button above to view the complete essay, speech, term paper, or research paper. Need Writing Help? The sociocultural theory has important implications for kindergarten age children and children with specialized needs as it can be effectively used to occasion critical advancements in their learning development.

According to the theory, children are able to learn much through social interaction. As such, curricula for kindergarten age children and children with special needs should be specifically designed to emphasize and underline the interaction between the children and the learning tasks Valenzuela et al, , p.

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The kindergarten students and their counterparts with special needs will derive meaning of the learning process in the context of active involvement in the real social environment. The sociocultural theory is more responsive to the learning process of children with special needs since it argues that ideas and concepts are socially mediated and exist in collectives rather than in individuals. This theoretical perspective centres the learning process on the cultural, social, institutional, environmental and historical situations rather than individual cognitive abilities as Piaget suggested.

Implications of Vygotsky’s Sociocultural Theory on Children with Special Needs

As such, it is effective in teaching students with specialized needs. With suitable adult assistance, kindergarten age children and children with special needs can effectively be able to perform and complete duties that they are incapable of performing on their own. In this perspective, educators can utilize the scaffolding technique discussed in the sociocultural theory to instil knowledge in children within this age-group Edwards, , p. This is especially important to children with special needs since they require specialized attention.

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In this particular technique, educators are required to control the learning environment to ensure young children learn through a step by step process that limits unwarranted frustration while expanding their knowledgebase. Consecutive studies have revealed that scaffolding technique not only produces immediate results in teaching children within this age-group but it also inculcates the skills and knowledge required for independent problem solving in the future Valenzuela et al, , p.

The assessment methods used by educators to evaluate the performance of kindergarten age children and children with special needs must take into consideration the zone of proximal development. What the learners can achieve on their own is their actual level of development and what they can be able to achieve with the assistance of educators is their level of potential development Valenzuela et al, , p.

sociocultural theory essays Sociocultural theory essays
sociocultural theory essays Sociocultural theory essays
sociocultural theory essays Sociocultural theory essays
sociocultural theory essays Sociocultural theory essays
sociocultural theory essays Sociocultural theory essays

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