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This dissertation identifies and analyzes five predicaments of fashion while locating the multiple interventions that engage various discursive spaces in the fashion industry. Ultimately, the analysis of discursive strategies by creatives, workers, organizers, and bloggers reveals the existence of agile interventions that are as nuanced as the problem, and that can engage with disciplinary power in all these complicated places. By shining a light on these agile interventions that are employed by various actors in the industry, my hope is that this project will help to clarify these murky spaces and pave a way forward for change within the fashion industry and beyond.

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Fashion industry embraces sustainability and ethics as consumers demand: "Who made my clothes?"

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Poster, Presentation or Paper Deposit scholarly works such as posters, presentations, conference papers or white papers. When I think back now, I spent way too much time at the beginning with finding a structure and headlines for the literature review, instead of just starting to write and see how the thesis evolves.

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Obviously, you need to have a certain overview about what topics and frameworks to include, however, you will find out the majority during the writing process. In short: Just start writing and dive into the topic and the process will be way faster and effective. Imagine a flip flop and a high heel. Now imagine that you are in a club and a person wearing a flip flop steps on your foot.

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Well… nothing really happens, you hardly realize it. However, now imagine that a person wearing a high heel steps on your foot. You will definitely remember that. So, what I am trying to tell you is to only write high heel sentences! Write sentences that are on point and only contain information that really contributes to your research. Music plays a big role in my life. It motivates me when I need motivation and it helps me calm down when I need to relax. I listen to it before every meeting, simply to push myself and to be my best self.

It always amazes me how music can change your frame of mind. I often find myself so moved by a certain piece of music that it makes me feel happy or grateful or strong throughout my whole body.

The role of culture in International Fashion Industry

In addition, what would suggest for anyone to listen while writing his or her research? To be honest, I cannot focus on writing when listening to music, so while I was working on my thesis it was always quiet. However, during my breaks, I was listening to Muse, Imagine Dragons and the Beatles to keep me in a good mood and to stay motivated. I remember, that on the day I submitted my thesis I was listening to the song Glorious by Macklemore and I truly felt glorious :D. And I am sure you will too, on that special day! Potential clients can reach me at: info lauramariaschober.

A solution for a sustainable fashion industry - Fredrik Wikholm - TEDxGöteborg

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thesis on fashion industry Thesis on fashion industry
thesis on fashion industry Thesis on fashion industry
thesis on fashion industry Thesis on fashion industry
thesis on fashion industry Thesis on fashion industry
thesis on fashion industry Thesis on fashion industry

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