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While you pay for homework, we offer those options for free. A strong understanding of the materials are important to make the right decision and selection to enable a successful product launch in the market. I will use various methods to research this. I will be looking at materials available at the workshop as well as materials available in local shops. The manufacturing process is the most important process of the entire project.

In order to create my product I will have to be able to have all the necessary equipment including all the knowledge on how to use the equipment available. For this I will test this by trying different machines which are in the workshop. In addition to this I will also use other media such as books and websites of possible ways I will be able to manufacture thin Existing products During this process I will examine specific products to see how they are designed and how they work. In order to get me inspired I will look at existing products on the internet, in designer magazines and a nearby shop.


Conducting a research on existing products will get me inspired as well as showing me a range of techniques that I may be able apply on my final product. Just like manufacturing processes I will look at jewelry storages in local shops as well as designs on the internet. Target User existing products will get me inspired as well as showing me a range of techniques that I may be able apply Without knowing my target user I wont be able to satisfy their wants and needs. Using this I will plan my research thoroughly and give a detailed explanation on how I will conduct the research.

Initial Specification Using my design brief I have decided on key specifications that have to be implemented in my final design.

Primary Research My primary research will involve things such as conducting questionnaires to fulfill the wants and needs of my market. I will also conduct research outside of school such as in local shops and retailers to get new ideas and methods professional designers use. Secondary Research For my secondary research I will be mainly using the internet to explore a range of possible things I can implement on my design.

This includes things like manufacturing processes, joining methods, materials and existing products. From the existing products I will then choose 3, 1 which I have access to and the 2 others available online. Conclusion I have now planned what to research and how to research so I have a clear idea of the work that has to be carried out.

Now, for every research conducted I will create 1 detailed slide. Furniture, flooring, veneer, cabinetry etc. Veneer, cabinetry, construction lumbering etc. Ship and boatbuilding, veneer furniture, exterior construction etc. High-value carpentry items such as furniture, window frames, paneling etc.

Mostly used in musical instruments such as guitars, pianos etc. Good workability; glues well. Also has great insect resistance. Easy to work with; glues well. Superb stability, good strength properties and outstanding resistance to decay and rot Good workability.

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The reason for me to give this wood a poor rating is because of its non-resistant property. However Parana Pine has a lower weather resistance than the previous woods. Although Teak is better than Oak I wont be able to give it a score higher than 8 as it is very expensive.

Through conducting deeper research Scots Pine is able to cause allergic skin reactions and could trigger asthma-like symptoms to some people. In addition to this it is also said to be non durable. An engineered wood product manufactured by gluing together saw dust and wood chip. They are often veneered or laminated at the end.

Blockboard is made out of a core of softwood strips.


Durability Reasonably durable Reasonably durable Reasonably durable Reasonably durable Common uses Furniture, interior paneling often veneered and painted at the end Often used in structural paneling to construct buildings buildings , also used in furniture making Often used to make kitchen table tops often laminated with melamine Shelves, doors, tables and paneling Price Cheap Cheap Cheap Cheap to moderately priced Features Easy to work with; can also be painted on easily.

Thin plywood can be bend making it useful to form circular or semi-circular shapes. Chipboards are very easy to work with since they are generally soft. Easy to work with works extremely well with nails and screws. In addition to this MDF is relatively hard to clean.

Once water logged the wood tends to swell and ultimately break down. Why manmade wood?

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The main reason I chose to include manmade wood into my research is mainly because of its huge availability. In addition to that they are also very cheap and generally durable.

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Mobile phone screens, aero plane canopies and aquariums Stationary, furniture, game packaging Price Moderately priced Cheap Cheap Features High quality nylon exhibits excellent abrasive resistance Comes in various thicknesses and colours. In addition to this, because of its unavailability nylon is usually imported making it expensive. I think acrylic could be a very useful material for this project due to its durability and price. Its feature being able to bend may also be useful when manufacturing. Also in order to manufacture it I do not have the necessary tools has to be made through polymerization.

It is very rare for me to use this because I wont be likely to bond materials; mainly because it is expensive to supply here in Thailand. Introduction On this page I have conducted a research on plastics. Difference between thermoplastics and thermosetting plastics Thermoplastics are denoting substances that become plastic when heating and harden on cooling and are able to repeat these processes.

Thermosetting plastics are denoting substances that set permanently when heated.

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  • Polyamide Melamine Acrylic Polypropylene Polyester resin 7 7. It is mostly used for woodwork; some PVA glues are also water resistant. PVA As a designer it is very important to consider the colours of my product carefully.

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    • Colours have an enormous impact on the way we think in a unique way; hence they make a powerful marketing tool that every designer should keep in mind.

      gcse dt coursework help Gcse dt coursework help
      gcse dt coursework help Gcse dt coursework help
      gcse dt coursework help Gcse dt coursework help
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