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The simple tense merely conveys action in the time narrated. For example:. Past simple tense: Sarah ran to the store. Present simple tense: Sarah runs to the store. Future simple tense: Sarah will run to the store. Past perfect: Sarah had run to the store. Present perfect: Sarah has run to the store. Future perfect: Sarah will have run to the store. Here are some tips for using the tenses in a novel:.

When you start drafting a novel or a scene, think about the merits of each tense. The present tense, for example, has the virtue of:. Sometimes authors are especially creative in combining tense and POV. You run your usual route to the store, but as you round the corner you come upon a disturbing sight. When you attempt to return it, you get sent on a wild goose chase after the book you want. In a thriller novel, for example, you can write tense scenes in first person for a sense of present danger:.

A muffled shot. He sits up in bed, tensed and listening. Because stories show us chains and sequences of events, often we need to jump back and forth between earlier and present scenes and times. The fragmented break in continuity makes it hard to place actions in relation to each other. Sarah runs her usual route to the store. As she turned the corner, she came upon a disturbing scene. Ursula K.

Le Guin offers excellent advice on mixing past and present in her writing manual, Steering the Craft :. In short, make sure there are clear breaks between entire sections set in different narrative references. Le Guin raises a good point about writing tenses. Le Guin describes the downside of telling a story almost exclusively in present tense:. The wealth and complexity of our verb forms is part of the color of the language. Using only one tense is like having a whole set of oil paints and using only pink.

That morning, she had run her usual route to the store. As she turned the corner, she had come upon a disturbing scene. Now, safely home, she decided to lie down, all the while trying to get that scene out of her mind. Mixing the tenses can help to show the cause and effect of interlocking events. Hi shane. Hope you are doing good.

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Hi Mehwash, Wat do you mean with the full reference? Is there not already everything you need for the reference on this webpage? Your article is really helpful. Is it have to be the past tense, or I could use the present tense? Thank you very much. I advise you to write your review in the present tense, since usually we talk about literature and cinema in the present tense.

There are a philosophical and a practical reason for tensing it in the present. The more philosophical reason is that a book or a movie does the same thing over and over each time you look at it. In other words, in a review it's a bit odd to say "the book said" or "Ishmael boarded the Pequod" or "the movie lacked character development" because the all of these things happen with each viewing; we don't need to think of them as past events, even though you might have observed them in the past. The more practical reason is that tensing your discussion in the present makes it easier for you to differentiate between times in the book or movie.

Consider a case in which you want to talk about a certain moment in the book or movie, but in talking about that moment it's helpful for you to talk about events that precede it in the narrative. In this case, you can cast the preceding events in the past tense, but keep the moment you want to focus on in the present. For example, "Ishmael spent time in the navy. Later, while aboard Ahab's whaling ship, the Pequod, Ishmael often compares sailors in the navy to the whalers he sees around him. For these reasons, most of the time it's best to write about stories in reviews or in other literary criticism in the present tense.

The exception occurs when you want to emphasize the story as a piece of history, but your probably don't need to worry about that too much in a review. However, I still have one question concerning the writing of academic case studies: For historical events throughout the study, I use past tense. But how do I cope with ongoing events that just "started" during the case study? However, if you'd like to emphasize the ongoing nature of a still-relevant event that began in the past, you can add the progressive aspect to this.

It's good to avoid the progressive aspect where it's unneeded, but in the case that you want this emphasis, it's needed. Let's take your example in a little more detail I simplify it a little bit. Normally, when we use "since" to talk about a time as opposed to a cause , we'll find ourselves in the present perfect because we'll usually mean the time at which a still-relevant event began: "Since August, , the company has applied a new method.

As a side note, it's worth noting that, depending on the context, this sentence could mean that at some point between now and August, , the company started applying said method. If it is important to be clear that the application of the new method started in the month of August, , it's probably clearer to say, "The company began applying a new method in August, , and has applied it ever since. Adding the progressive aspect is a choice of emphasis. If you want the emphasis to fall on the ongoing nature of this same event i. Have a language expert improve your writing.

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Check your paper for plagiarism in 10 minutes. Generate your APA citations for free! Home Knowledge Base Language rules Verb tenses in academic writing. Verb tenses in academic writing Date published September 22, by Shane Bryson.

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Average income differs by race and gender. Older people express less concern about the environment than younger people.

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In The History of Sexuality , Foucault asserts that sexual identity is a modern invention. Receive feedback on language, structure and layout Professional editors proofread and edit your paper by focusing on: Academic style Vague sentences Grammar Style consistency See an example. Olden recruited 17 participants for the study.

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We transcribed and coded the interviews before analyzing the results. Identity politics has been a topic of heated debate since the s. Green et al. Some scholars are suggesting that mainstream economic paradigms are no longer adequate. While Harry is traveling to Hogwarts for the first time, he meets many of the characters who will become central to the narrative.

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Is this article helpful? Shane Bryson Shane finished his master's degree in English literature in and has been working as a writing tutor and editor since Other students also liked. Tense tendencies in theses and dissertations Different sections of academic papers theses, dissertations and essays tend to use different tenses. The following is a breakdown of these tendenci….

Subject-verb agreement The subject of a sentence must always match the verb describing its action.

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writing essay book tense Writing essay book tense
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writing essay book tense Writing essay book tense
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