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Listening to the Language

Listening also plays an important part in allowing an individual to perform tasks in a business environment. Also, understanding and overcoming the barriers to listening is essential in facilitating highly effective communication skills. What is human communication and where does listening fit into this process?

This is precisely what takes place when humans decide to communicate with one another. In an effort to relay information, exchange ideas or thoughts, voice an opinion or even to fulfill a need, the sender initiates communication by encoding a message and sending it via a channel to the receiver. However, for the sender to be successful in transmitting the message, the receiver must be listening.

The receiver may have heard the message but did not necessarily listen to it. Hearing is the aural reception of the words and sounds we have heard.

The English Oral Communication English Language Essay

Listening however, requires concentration so one can process and give meaning to what has been heard. Listening allows the receiver to understand and interpret the message that has been received. Listening is also a tool that helps us to tailor our approach when communicating with others on different levels and gives us the ability to either present or receive response.

The appropriate level of listening and the amount of importance assigned to the interaction can also are determined by the purpose of the communication and the relationship with the other person. In human communication, there are three basic modes of listening. Firstly, there is competitive listening. We listen hoping to find areas to attack and looking for opportunities to present our beliefs to the speaker. An example of this is during political debates when candidates only pretend to listen to their opponent while planning their rebuttal. The second mode of listening is called attentive listening.

This is when we concentrate on what the speaker is saying and show genuine interest in the topic. We assume that we have understood what was said but we do not verify the information we are given. The final mode of listening used is perhaps the most important and useful one. This is known as active or reflective listening. Active listening is distinguished from other modes of listening because of the feedback process that is involved. Active listening is practiced when the audience is able to genuinely grasp what the speaker is saying and checks their interpretation and understanding via the process of feedback.

The audience does not merely listen but also verifies what they have understood by paraphrasing the information, mirroring what the speaker has said or by asking for clarification on the subject. Tenses have closely related to our everyday spoken English.

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Learning tenses can drastically reduce the time of speaking English language whatsoever. So while you start learning English, try to learn 12 basic tenses. What I mean is not to learn by heart but how to use them effectively according to the context. Once each tense is used under various contexts. If you know which are those contexts that a particular tense could be used, then you will feel the difference of knowledge in your mind.

There is faster improvement. While trying to learn spoken English, you will have use verb forms vastly. So it is mandatory to learn some verbs that are basic vocabulary.

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You must know all the 3 forms of verbs. Unless you know all these, you cannot get spoken English. Many students,in my experience, are not able to know basic verb forms. So it is very clear that this particular student cannot use past tense and past participle type sentences.

Many times they learn very advanced vocabulary. This is in no way useful for spoken English.

1 Introduction

No one uses advanced vocabulary for speaking English. So my suggestion is to learn simple vocabulary by reading some books and news papers and everyday usage type words. If there is a possibility, get one note book and write the meanings of simple words that you do not know. I also strongly suggest to frame one good sentence while doing so.

In this way , you will have double benefit. This is a good tactic to improve your English speaking skills. You can do this while watching a English movie. Usually for non native speakers it is difficult to understand the sentence fully. So you can pause the movie and repeat what a particular character has said. Do this repetition again and again.

What Are the Four Language Skills?

This way you can really make a strong to yourself about how to speak English naturally and which words are best fit while constructing a sentence. The other difficult task is to learn phonetics sounds perfectly and apply them for every English word that you use in your daily life. You will surprise how wrongly are you pronouncing those words that you use every day.

This is something that you must try at the end. While you decide to improve you English speaking skills, the one very important consideration is to reduce the usage of speaking of you own language.

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  • When you use more of your language, it will become a barrier to learn Spoken English effectively. So make sure you do this now. Conclusion : If you implement the basic rules and tips that I have been mentioning in this article, you can see a drastic change in the future. Only a small proportion of listening is done without looking blind like listening to the radio or talking to someone on the telephone. Ongoing, purposeful listener response means that we normally respond at intervals to show that we, as a speaker, are still listening and comprehend what is being said.

    During a learning process there will always appear some problems or difficulties, especially when you try to learn a foreign language. Some of the most common problems will be discussed briefly in this chapter. The first one is that students have trouble with sounds because they try to comprehend words in context and cannot pronounce them in isolation.

    This can be prevented by teaching pronunciation. The second learner problem is that students think they have to understand every single word that has been said. This happens because they believe that every word bears important information. Unfortunately trying to understand every word leads to an ineffective comprehension. This can be prevented by practicing scanning and asking students only to look for two items of information in a text.

    Another very common learner problem is that students cannot understand fast, natural native speakers.

    Ways to Improve your English

    They ask the teacher to slow down and pronounce words the way they would be pronounced in isolation. The problem could be solved by producing as much spontaneous informal talk as possible in order to help the students to develop their listening skills. As a teacher, you could use texts which are not too difficult to understand and where the important information is stated more than once.

    What are the Four Basic Languages Skills?

    Another difficulty is that the learner sometimes feels overloaded with information and finds it difficult to keep up. Therefore they need to learn to pick out the most important things. As a result of all the problems mentioned above the learner gets tired, a feeling of fatigue and failure arises.

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    english speaking and listening essay English speaking and listening essay
    english speaking and listening essay English speaking and listening essay
    english speaking and listening essay English speaking and listening essay
    english speaking and listening essay English speaking and listening essay
    english speaking and listening essay English speaking and listening essay
    english speaking and listening essay English speaking and listening essay

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